Dr. Adrian Morris

Dr. Morris is an Adult and Children’s Allergy Consultant with 20 years experience in allergy testing and postgraduate diplomas in Allergy, Dermatology, Family Practice and Paediatrics.


Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine in London

Medical Qualifications

MB ChB, DCH, MCFP, Dip Allergy, Dip Pract Dermatology (Cardiff)

NHS posts

Honorary Clinical Assistant in Allergy and Respiratory Medicine, Royal Brompton Hospital, London


  • Member British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI)
  • Member of the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF)
  • Member European Academy for Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)
  • Member American College for Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI)
  • Member-at-Large World Allergy Organisation (WAO)
  • Member and past Treasurer Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA)
  • Contributor- Current Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CACI)

Advisory positions held in past


  • Doctor Morris recently completed a Postgraduate course in Clinical Immunology at Warwick University in the United Kingdom (2017),  and a specialist study course for the treatment of Chronic Urticaria in the United Arab Emirates organised by EAACI (2016).
  • Elected one of Tatler magazine’s best 250 private doctors in Britain
  • Regular contributor on local UK radio chat shows, NHS Choices and BBC website
  • Invited speaker at local and international allergy conferences
  • Awarded the EAACI prize for best allergy media publication 2002
  • Regular contributor to Health and Allergy articles included in the Times, Independent, Guardian & Observer, Daily Telegraph, London Evening Standard and Daily Mail newspapers at well as Men’s Health, Which, the Tatler magazine and others


  • Participant in a number of international clinical studies on allergy treatment including: Early Prevention of Allergy and Asthma (EPAAC) Clinical Trial.
  • Clinical investigator Novartis 5 year trial on efficacy of Pimecrolimus.
  • Contributor to the ALLSA Allergy Handbook

Favoured UK allergy charities include:

Previous appointments include:

  • General Practice Cape Town, Farnham and Surrey, UK
  • Clinical Assistant in Immuno-pathology, Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey..
  • Tutor and Mentor, Urgent Treatment Centre, East Surrey Hospital.
  • Member Royal College of Physicians Allergy Working Group : Primary Care Subcommittee
  • Provider evidence to the United Kingdom Parliamentary Health Committee on the Provision of Allergy Services
  • Travels to Cape Town and Johannesburg Allergy Clinic as visiting allergy expert and is a registered Medical Specialist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


  • Married with 3 adult children and a great interest in restoring classic British sports cars, collecting British war medals and keel boat sailing but struggles to play decent golf..


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Declaration Financial Interests

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Publications and News

The following Allergy Newsletters, Reports, Educational Booklets and Articles were published over the years by or in collaboration with Dr. Adrian Morris. They may be of interest to you, so please right-click titles and ’save as’ to download the PDFs.

Educational Booklets

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Essential Guide to Allergy booklet2003
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Medical Articles

Adverse reactions to Food AdditivesCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2004
Aero-allergen avoidance measures – effective or futile?Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology2008
Allergic RhinitisJournal of Modern Pharmacy2006
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Allergy explainedNurse2Nurse2004
Allergy mythsCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2007
Atopic eczema – the itch that eruptsCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2008
Complimentary and alternative allergy testsCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2006
Contact DermatitisCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2004
Dealing with Chronic UrticariaCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2005
Diagnosing wheat hypersensitivityCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2007
Diagnosis and management of anaphylaxisCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2005
HayfeverCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2004
Idiopathic environmnetal intoleranceCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2006
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Is Allergy testing cost effective?Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology2006
Is there a need for allergy self management?Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology2005
Managing Anaphylactic ShockJournal of Modern Pharmacy2006
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Practical approach to food allergyCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2006
Sorry but you don’t have an allergy!Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology2006
The GPs role in UrticariaThe Practitioner2005

Scientific reviews

Allsa position statement – Allergen skin prick testingCurrent Allergy & Clinical Immunology2006
Atopy, anamnesis and allergy testingInnovAiT2009
Living with Allergies and AsthmaIOA workshop Berlin2005
Proceedings EAACI Food AllergyUCB Institue of Allergy2006