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Introducing Online Allergy Assessment Consultations to our clinic

During the Corona Virus Pandemic, we successfully introduced online allergy consultations at the Surrey Allergy Clinic. This was an endeavour to increase social distancing, and reduce spread of the Corona Virus. However with the successful vaccination programme, we have reintroduced the face-to-face allergy diagnostic service, but are keeping the highly successful online service as well. Face to Face consultations are available booking on 07920129154 or 02081442994.

Allergy testing and assessments are uniquely suited to both face-to-face and remote virtual online consultations using social media platforms such as Skype, Face Time (via Apple devices) and Zoom video conferencing. Online consultations open up the ability to arrange diagnosis and testing in any UK geographic area and not just limited to one or two main centres. These consultations can be used to diagnose allergies in adults and children with the aid of blood tests.

To ascertain if your particular symptoms and suspected allergy are likely to be resolved with an online consultation, we need to first do a preliminary “vetting” assessment. We will then contact you to confirm that an online consultation is entirely appropriate. During these online consultations, we can diagnose and treat many allergic conditions such as causes of anaphylaxis, hay fever, rhinitis, eczema, contact dermatitis, bronchial asthma, hives / urticaria, food allergies, insect allergies and other adverse reactions and perform allergy screening.

1. Preliminary allergy assessment

Preliminary allergy assessment is conducted by completing an online form via email (there is no charge for this service).  In order to have a successful online consultation you will need computer access to the Internet and be signed up to one of the virtual online video tools either Skype or Face Time (with Apple) and/or Zoom video conferencing facility with access to microphone and audio.

2. Book an online appointment

Book an online appointment and make payment £190 consultation fee via bank transfer or Paypal before your consultation takes place. Do not make any payment until we give the go-ahead with a date and consultation time.


3. Online consultation process

During the Online consultation process, your symptoms and appropriate allergy testing will be discussed and explored. You do not need to stop taking any regular medication or change your diet for this consultation. Try to collect any previous blood test results and also a few clear photographs of any rashes (JPEG).

4. Allergy RAST IgE blood tests

This consultation process will usually include essential Allergy RAST IgE blood tests, or other testing directed specifically to your preliminary allergy diagnosis made during the consultation. These tests will be arranged by us at a private Pathologist. The laboratories include TDL Doctor’s Laboratory at 76 Wimpole Street in Central London (near Oxford Circus) and County Pathology in Guildford. The cost of these tests will depend on your specific allergy and symptoms. Costs may vary from as little as £45 for a single allergen, to as much as £300 (for the full ALEX2 screening test), depending on the tests necessary to make a conclusive diagnosis. These costs will be discussed during the consultation and cleared with you before any financial burden is inflicted. Once the tests are mutually decided upon, we will email you the pathology request form to take to the pathologist for the tests to be done.

For patients living anywhere including further afield in other parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland we have the ALEX2 (Allergy Explorer) allergy test as a home sampling kit available by collecting a sample of finger prick blood  at home using a special collection kit and posting this sample to a central laboratory in Worcestershire for analysis.

This finger prick test is a more extensive and inclusive test, called the ALEX Allergy Explorer component IgE allergy test. This covers over 240 different food and environmental allergens as well as allergy components and is extremely good value at £200.00 for the home kit. The home test sampling kit is posted to you and you collect a sample of finger prick blood yourself with the device and send this to the processing laboratory in a prepaid envelope. The sample is then processed and we get a result back in about one week.

For children under 6 years old or if you don’t feel confident to collect the sample at home yourself, you may prefer to attend TDL Pathology in London or County Pathology in Guildford.

5. Full management plan

Once we have the blood test results available, then we can make a final diagnosis and offer you a treatment and a management plan. This will include a comprehensive personalised report sent to you by post with Full management plan as well as any necessary prescription posted to you or directly to your local pharmacy. If necessary a follow up online consultation will be arranged after a few months. At this time further testing may or may not be necessary.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us on 02081442994.

Payment details for initial full online allergy consultation

Online Consultation fee: £190.00

(this does not include costs of any blood tests)

Payable by Bank Transfer online to:

Dr AJ Morris

Barclays Bank

Sort code 20-31-06

Account 30875457

Use your name and surname as the reference.


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