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Multiple component allergy testing in ISAC and ALEX

Allergology has come a long way since Johansson and Ishizaka discovered IgE in 1967 to be the antibody that mediated acute serious allergic reactions. Phadia, and then Thermo Fisher developed multiple specific allergy tests using individual IgE antigens that revolutionised allergy diagnosis and treatment. More recent developments include testing sensitivity to the various component allergenic [...]

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Protecting Immune System

A lot of products on the market claim to boost the immune system. No time is more pertinent than now with COVID-19. This is a very controversial topic as taking additional vitamins and minerals are unlikely to add any protection to viral infections. The mass media contains a lot of pseudoscience and unnecessary supplements. There [...]

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Virtual Online Allergy Consultations

As a consequence of social distancing and the nationwide "Lock Down" imposed during the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic, our clinic has opened up slots for online consultations using web consultating and telemedicine with Zoom and Skype. Allergy diagnosing and management is possible remotely using virtual consultations as most of the allergy trigger clues are in the [...]

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Urticaria-Understanding the beast

Chronic Urticaria: understanding the beast within you. Chronic Urticaria (CU) is an incapacitating condition that can persist for a few months to many years.  Understanding the individual presenting lesions helps with planning treatment.  Chronic Urticaria affects up to 30% of the population at sometime in their lives, and women are 6 times more likely than [...]

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Strawberries are nuts!

Recent conversation with a patient alerted me to the fact that a Strawberry is technically a nut. At first I thought this was Trump “fake news”.  But this is actually true as the strawberry has seeds that are on the outside of the fruit and not on the inside as in most fruits (surrounded by [...]

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Prophylactic azithromycin in immune deficiency

A 36 month multi-centre clinical trial of using prophylactic azithromycin in adults with primary antibody deficiencies with chronic respiratory pathologies such as bronchiectasis, COPD, asthma and recurrent hospital admissions found that there was significant benefit and reduced exacerbations of their respiratory infections and hospitalisations and improved quality of life. The trial azithromycin dosage was 250mg [...]

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Emerade adrenaline auto injector fault

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK has put out a Drug Alert dated 11th July 2019 regarding Emerade adrenaline auto injectors failing to give a dose of adrenaline due to blockage of the syringe needle. Although the number of faulty auto  injectors reported has been very low (1 in 400), [...]

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Skin germ makes eczema worse

The common skin bacterial germ called Staphylococcus Aureus has been recognised as a common trigger for suddenly worsening eczema in children. Children with eczema have a deficient skin barrier to common allergens and bacteria, and their skin also becomes more extensively colonised by the staphylococcus. This staphylococcus releases an endotoxin which can cause deterioration and [...]

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Walnut allergy

Allergic reactions to tree nuts are becoming more common. Walnut allergy diagnosis has been on a rapid increase now becoming a very common sensitising nut in children. Now found in 4% of children and 0.5% of adults and affects 34% of all tree nut allergic individuals (data Thermofisher). The allergenic protein in the Walnut (Jug [...]

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