ALK Abello will be launching their new House Dust Mite (Acarizax) and Silver Birch tree pollen (Itulazax) sublingual desensitisation immunotherapy vaccines (SLIT) in the UK in late 2021. This follows the highly successful Grass pollen vaccine SLIT called Grazax which was launched about 10 years ago and has greatly improved quality of life for thousands of hay fever sufferers ever since. Hopefully Acarizax and Itulazax will be as highly effective as Grazax.  The new products will be similar wafer-like tablets that dissolve under the tongue and are particularly safe to use. The Silver Birch vaccine may even reduce symptoms of the Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) that occurs when eating raw fruits, vegetable and nuts that cross-react with Silver Birch pollen. All treatments require 3 years continuous use to get full long-term cure of the specific allergy. All three products should then be available in high street pharmacist such as Boots. Watch the press for launch details.