Prepare now for next year’s hay fever

Now is the time to be considering what to do about your hay fever symptoms next year. We read about Pollen "bombs", global warming and El Nino weather system changes all making summer hay fever symptoms (Medical term Pollinosis) intolerable. Even taking mega-doses of antihistamines, soothing eye drops and anti-inflammatory nasal spray's, hardly have any [...]

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Mast Cell Activation in Long COVID Syndrome

A recent article by Lawrence Afrin (international expert on Mast Cell Activation), has suggested that Mast Cell Activation may be a mediator of Long COVID syndrome (multiple persistent and debilitating symptoms following a COVID-19 infection) and many Long COVID symptoms mimic those of Mast Cell Activation (including unexplained rashes and swelling, confusion with fatigue, palpitations, [...]

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COVID-19 vaccine and anaphylaxis

There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation about risks of anaphylaxis to the COVID -19 coronavirus vaccines available. Many healthy individuals are being declined the vaccine and told to be allergy tested if they have a history of food or medication allergy or any form of anaphylaxis. The COVID-19 vaccines contain no food [...]

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New oral immunotherapy vaccines Acarizax and Itulazax.

ALK Abello will be launching their new House Dust Mite (Acarizax) and Silver Birch tree pollen (Itulazax) sublingual desensitisation immunotherapy vaccines (SLIT) in the UK in late 2021. This follows the highly successful Grass pollen vaccine SLIT called Grazax which was launched about 10 years ago and has greatly improved quality of life for thousands [...]

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COVID Rashes

COVID-19 infections manifest in a multitude of different ways and after the initial viral illness, there seem to be a number of debilitating long-term effects that may develop.   The skin manifestations are related to the COVID-19 virus damaging small skin blood vessels and very often mimic and be confused with skin allergies. 1) COVID Toes [...]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Allergy

A number of highly allergic individuals have had acute allergic reactions to the COVID-19 Vaccine available in the UK from Pfizer/BioNTech pharmaceuticals. It appears to be an excipient in the vaccine called Polyethylene Glycol that causes these reactions. It is therefore advised to avoid this Covid-19 vaccine if allergic to polyethylene glycol, or if you have [...]

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Multiple component allergy testing in ISAC and ALEX

Allergology has come a long way since Johansson and Ishizaka discovered IgE in 1967 to be the antibody that mediated acute serious allergic reactions. Phadia, and then Thermo Fisher developed multiple specific allergy tests using individual IgE antigens that revolutionised allergy diagnosis and treatment. More recent developments include testing sensitivity to the various component allergenic [...]

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Protecting Immune System

A lot of products on the market claim to boost the immune system. No time is more pertinent than now with COVID-19. This is a very controversial topic as taking additional vitamins and minerals are unlikely to add any protection to viral infections. The mass media contains a lot of pseudoscience and unnecessary supplements. There [...]

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