The devastating Cytokine Storm that has such a catastrophic effect on the airways and vital organs during the COVID-19 illness behaves very much like a severe allergic reaction. Thankfully COVID deaths related to this cytokine storm are starting to fall. In an attempt to neutralise the Corona virus and kill it off, the immune system releases a “storm” of chemical mediators in excess of what is needed, including catecholamines and Interleukin-6, a pro-inflammatory mediator of allergic reactions. This causes damage to normal airways cells in addition to the the Corona virus affected cells. The airways become “water logged” with these damaged cells and residue of the reaction, with sludge and material causing damage to the blood vessels of our vital organs such as kidneys, heart and brain. One can equate this reaction to our body mimicking an “acute anaphylaxis-like” reaction to the Corona virus. However reassuringly allergy sufferers are at no more risk from the Corona virus than other healthy individuals. ¬†Stay Alert, Stay Safe, and continue to Social Distance yourself.