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Grass pollen desensitisation

Summer has finally arrived. So get those antihistamines and nasal sprays out of storage. With the lovely warm sunny weather comes the dreaded grass pollen scourge. Hay fever (Pollinosis) and allergic conjunctivitis can severely and adversely impact quality of life. Now’s too late to start Grazax (a new revolutionary Hay Fever treatment for grass pollen [...]

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Faecal Microbiota Transplant

This involves taking stool specimens from healthy individuals and transplanting it into the gut of people who suffer with bowel problems that relate to faulty or pathogenic organisms in the gut. This may be a factor in certain chronic conditions that are difficult to treat with conventional medication and antibiotics. These include Inflammatory Bowel Disease [...]

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Local IgE Production

A new  concept in allergology is that of "local" IgE production on respiratory and ocular membranes  causing allergy and also called Local Allergic Rhinits. The allergic reaction in this case is very localised to the nasal membranes and conjunctiva and not identified on routine allergy skin prick testing or RAST blood testing.  However these patients respond to [...]

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Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis

Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis is a rare condition related to a hypersensitivity to endogenous overproduction or sensitivity to progesterone the sex hormone in fertile (ovulating) and pregnant women. Those affected develop dermatitis during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle (7 days before the period commences). The skin lesions can include eczema, folliculitis, hives, Urticaria, small [...]

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Alzheimer’s Disease and antihistamines

Some recent medical studies have suggested that overuse of antihistamine medication may result in Alzheimer’s disease. Only some of the older non-sedating antihistamines were mentioned in the study. Some older (sedating) antihistamines such as chlorphenamine and diphenhydramine cross into the brain and can cause drowsiness and are even used as OTC “sleeping pills”.  Newer once-daily [...]

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Vocal cord dysfunction

Vocal cord dysfunction is a curious condition where the vocal cords go into paradoxical spasm whilst breathing (especially breathing in). This can mimic asthma with sudden onset intermittent breathlessness, wheeze and exercise related symptoms mainly in the throat with noisy breathing. Patients who fail to respond to conventional asthma treatment should have this diagnosis considered. [...]

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Give lactose a break!

Lactose in milk has been implicated in infant colic and feeding problems, with a migration to lactose-free formulas. However, Lactose is very important in the infants diet as it adds flavour to milk, aids absorption of calcium and promotes the growth of probiotics. Growing infants need lactose as a carbohydrate source. Did you know there [...]

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Local Allergic Rhinitis

Nasal, eye and respiratory allergies have traditionally been diagnosed by doing blood and skin tests for specific allergy to pollens, dust mites and pets.  These test include Skin Prick Testing (SPTs) using allergens applied directly to the skin or RAST blood tests testing for systemic IgE antibodies travelling around the body in the blood stream. [...]

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Improving the barrier effect of the skin.

Allergic eczema is a genetically predisposed disease (atopy). The atopic skin is a poor barrier to the outside environment, lacking an essential “protective glue” called Filaggrin. Casual contact with traces of foods and aero allergens from handling the infant, then leads to allergen sensitisation, followed by increased natural colonisation with Staphylococcus aureus skin bacteria which [...]

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Bronchial Thermoplasty

Bronchial Thermoplasty is a new invasive treatment in severe asthma. The thickened airway bronchial smooth muscle that develops over years, makes the asthma difficult to control with conventional medication (inhalers and steroids).  The procedure results in the airway muscle being destroyed by heat using a bronchoscope (lung probe) under general anaesthetic to relieve airway spasm. It usually involves a series [...]

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